Monday, October 04, 2004

My weekend was good. The Fells Point Fun Festival was fun. I had a scrumdiddlyumpscious crab cake sandwich. Seriously, it rocked! And then I had a freshly deep-fried Twinkie. The Twinkie was good, but not good enough to make me want another one. I think I would go with the cow-pie (or as they like to call 'em around here, funnel cake) next time. Powdered sugar and deep fried batter, yum! I also got to meet a new librarian who works in the branches. She seems quite nice, and it's always good to increase the size of the librarian posse.

Yesterday I avoided the temptations of retail therapy. I had to return some stuff at Wal-Mart, and since I didn't have a receipt, I got store credit. So I bought some knee high boots which actually fit! Yes, I have accomplished my goal in life. I can die happy now, and be buried in my awesome new boots. Well, they are perhaps not awesome, but they fit and aren't terribly tacky. So since I was out in White Marsh, I decided to tempt fate and go to Old Navy. I spent over an hour trying on miscellaneous things and almost bought a green three-quarters sleeve cardigan. And then I decided that I didn't need another cardigan or fun camisoles. So I was going to just get a couple ribbon belts (because I actually don't have any belts -- gasp!) and a pair of flesh colored fishnet-esque tights, but the line was enormous. So I left and went and bought a new planner and Busman's Holiday at Barnes and Noble. Their line was much shorter.
And in Whimsey-related news, I have started reading Gaudy Night. It's kind of sad in a way -- I read it less than a year ago and I seriously cannot remember much about the book. I realize that I didn't really appreciate it -- mostly because it is a better book once one has actually read all of the back story. So don't listen to Nancy Pearl and Book Lust -- read all of them first!

In other news, I will apparently be attending some kind of conference next week, if all goes to plan. The big boss -- not my boss, but his boss -- suggested that I should attend "Leading From Any Position." That's a compliment!

What else is new? I have started knitting again. I figure that I should really finish the scarf that I started almost a year ago. My roommate cross-stitches, and she's got me thinking about being crafty again. So perhaps that'll cut back on my other blog, but this month Turner Classic Movies is Mad About Musicals! I'm finally going to be able to watch Brigadoon! Yay for Van Johnson.

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