Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I'm tired today, and it's really cold in the department.

So, yeah, I've been thinking about my future, as I often do. There was an article entitled "Pensions Foil 6-Figure Retirements, Too" in the New York Times today. And last week there was an article entitled "Socialism, American-Style" in Slate. Both are about pensions and how the U.S. government is having to cover American pension plans. I actually have a pension plan, but I put the money in myself. And worst of all, I have to stay at this job for five years before I am "vested" and can bring the cash with me if I leave the library. I haven't really started investing any money into some kind of retirement savings -- although I meant to spend a third of my tax return money into some kind of account (Roth IRA, I believe). Obviously, it didn't happen. (Instead, I have a lot of DVDs! Uh...probably not a good decision, but I'm still young.) I don't want to get bogged down in worrying about things like that -- it's going to be a good forty-plus years before I can retire. But still, it's there.

Well, isn't that a cheery thought?

Moving along, I am still working on Gaudy Night. The plot still hasn't come back to me -- so I have no idea who the Poison Pen is -- but I did read the end ahead. I've already read it, so it wasn't a surprise! And I've become quite crafty of late -- working on the scarf and another project. Another librarian at work has suggested that after I finish the Sayers series, I should try reading P.G. Wodehouse. I've never read any of his books, although I am familiar with the Bertie and Wooster concept. And there are a ton of them, which presumably the library has all of 'em, so I will definitely not be bored for a while. I have to say, reading British novels is probably better for me than reading cheesy romance novels.

Otherwise, nothing else too new. I am getting a three day weekend this upcoming weekend due to the conference I will be attending in North East, MD on Thursday and Friday. I also won't have to work on Columbus Day while everyone else moves parts of the fifth stack over to the new department. Huzzah! (Backstory: Columbus Day is a city holiday. Generally, the library has staff development day on Columbus Day. They have decided to do staff development day every other year from now on, so the library is closed but we still have to work. Or should I say, they still have to work!)

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