Thursday, October 28, 2004

My roommate and I have decided that old language needs to become new again. So I am trying to incorporate the following words in to my everyday speech:

  • swell
  • daft
  • crikey
  • kookie

Got any suggestions?

Otherwise, work remains pretty much the same. My roommate's off to the Big Apple this weekend, so I am in charge of the cat. I'm also going to try to finish unpacking everything. I've still got a few things that belong down in our storage locker.

We're also trying to plan our housewarming/open house/party thing. The list of people that we are planning to invite is yooge -- but I know a lot of them probably won't be able to make it. A lot of my church friends will probably be doing the lock out to raise awareness of homelessness with the youth of the church, so they won't come. I'm sure it'll mostly be work people, which is always fun. Yay for librarians. We're cool in a nerdy way.

I'm also going to a party that was originally a housewarming party on Saturday. I'm supposed to bring something -- and I'm not sure what to make. Deviled eggs are classic and tasty, but they're kind of boring. I was thinking maybe veggie pizza. It's tasty and easy. Suggestions for what to bring to a party that begins at seven? Obviously, it's not dinner food, but rather something snacky. I don't know...but if I go with veggie pizza I could pick up some veggies at the farmer's market Saturday morning.

Okay -- I gotta go search for cheap long distance plans. I am not very happy with IDT right now -- it's taken them a month and they still haven't figured out how to switch over our account from Verizon. Stupid phone companies!

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