Wednesday, October 06, 2004

So it's for sure now -- I will be attending "Leading From Any Position." Whether this will include lessons on how to lead from the corner, the ceiling or under my desk, I don't know. But I will find out next week!

And I am taking next Wednesday off instead of Monday. I realized that I had to work all of next weekend, and because I didn't want to "work" eleven days in a row, I thought that I could forego a three-day weekend. Plus then I get to have fun shifting books and stuff on Monday. And wear jeans to work!

My eye is hurting again. I remember it did this last year, so I'm thinking it might be allergies or something. I am wearing my glasses today, so I definitely don't see as well as I should. Good thing I'm not driving! I should probably go to Target tonight and pick up some eye drops or something to relieve the pain. Plus I need to get the super cheap coffee at Superfresh before the sale ends on Friday. Must have coffee!

So, in other words, not too much going on around here.

I did, however, watch the vice-presidential debate last night. I didn't like the table style -- I think I prefer the more formal podium approach to debating. Plus I just thought it was weird that Cheney and Edwards were that close to one another. Anyway, I didn't think either one did especially well. I was quite impressed that Edwards managed to get Cheney on the defensive a few times -- and he responded pretty well to Cheney's assertion that Edwards didn't have a very good record in the Senate by saying that Cheney had opposed a lot of things -- Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Department of Education, etc. However, Edwards was almost a little annoying with his comments to the moderator. It was an interesting debate to watch, although I'm glad that it wasn't all about Iraq. Domestic issues are somewhat more applicable to me -- especially ones related to health care and the economy. So who won? I don't know -- I would probably call it more of a tie. Neither one really seemed to dominate the debate, as Kerry did last Thursday. And, sadly, Cheney didn't respond with weird facial expressions like Bush did.

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