Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Brrr. I am very cold at work today. It's also been pretty miserable looking outside all day, with grey and overcast skies and periodic rain. I'm sure it will start raining again right when it's time for me to leave tonight.

Anyway, the big job interview is tomorrow. I'm not really nervous, which is kind of surprising and somewhat unsurprising. I think it's because I am not really that super-excited about the position. But I know that going through interviews will only help me in the long run, so I'll go through the experience. I'm also going to run over the binder and notes that I took from last week's workshop so I can sound all authorative and stuff on leadership. Yeah, perhaps I can use the info I learned about delegation to get work that I need to delegate. Who knows?

Otherwise, I've been watching a lot of sports lately! The Yankee-Red Sox games have been fantastic -- the creaming the Yankees gave the Red Sox on Saturday was awesome. I mean, the score was like a football game: 19-8. But the last couple of nights have not been good -- extra innings and the Yankees failing to close out the series. But they're back in the Bronx tonight and let's hope that Jon Lieber can shut down the Red Sox and all their stupid "Believe" crap. That's Baltimore's slogan!

And I have been keeping up with the two Wisconsin football teams -- the University of Wisconsin and their big upset over the Boilermakers. I'd love to see them in the Rose Bowl, even if I won't be able to see the hype myself. And the Packers finally came out of their slump and beat Detroit. Brett even managed to defeat them (a) in a dome and (b) on artificial turf. I didn't watch the game -- I had to work -- but I kept up with it through the Fox Sports Tracker. And I think this week I might actually be able to see them play Dallas here. Maybe. Oh, and UW-Eau Claire is doing well! They're ranked number 10 in the Division III!

Yeah, so enough sports stuff for one day.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have pretty much finished reading the Dorothy L. Sayers Peter Wimsey series. (There are still a few short stories I should slog through and The Five Red Herrings, but y'know...) I managed to read Thrones, Dominations last night however. It's another Wimsey book, but not really written by Sayers. She had started the draft and had a complete outline (or so I gather), but died before she managed to get around to writing it. So the estate of her illegatimate son got Jill Paton Walsh to write it. I felt as though it was very entertaining, but definitely more in the vein of Busman's Honeymoon. I mean that Thrones, Dominations doesn't feel as intellectually heavy as the previous books. I always felt that Peter and Harriet were very far above me, especially with their ability to quote things. (I would love to be able to do that with more than movies, music and television, but at the same time, I don't necessarily want to read John Donne.) There's another Peter/Harriet novel written by Walsh (this time only based on the "Wimsey papers" and not on an outline by Sayers) entitled A Presumption of Death. I will read it eventually, but my expectations are not real high. I did really enjoy the series. The highlights definitely have to be Murder Must Advertise, Busman's Honeymoon, The Nine Tailors, and Gaudy Night.

And now that I've pretty much finished up with Sayers, I'm taking the advice of someone from Amazon and reading some books by Sarah Caudwell, who apparently is somewhat in the same vein as Sayers. I started reading Thus Was Adonis Murdered at lunch and it's not exactly what I expected. A little dryer than Wimsey (which can be a little whimsical, ha-ha!) and there's an omniscient narrator of an indeterminate sex. But I'm only thirty-six pages into it, so I don't want to write off the book yet.

And now it is almost time for me to go home and prepare for my interview and enjoy a delicious dinner of Lean Cuisine. Thank goodness!

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