Friday, October 08, 2004

Oh my goodness, am I tired today!

And busy -- I wasn't on desk much this morning, but since eleven, I've been over at the info desk, on desk in my department, and down in Af-Am (where I am now). And I am sooooooo tired. Thank goodness it's Friday and I can go home and crash. A nap sounds fantastic right now.

Anyway, I finished reading Gaudy Night during lunch today. I should go back and reread the last chapter or so -- I was really rushing to get to the end before lunch ended -- but it's done! I don't understand why anyone would tell anyone to read this book first out of all the Wimsey novels! There are soooo many references to the other novels that it's no wonder I didn't really enjoy it. Plus, Sayers' has a very, very dense style of writing. It can be quite entertaining, and I do enjoy it, but it makes for difficult going, especially if you aren't familiar with her style. So, I'll be moving on to Busman's Honeymoon this weekend! Huzzah! From what I've understood of Sayers' writing, Busman's Honeymoon is a bit fluffier than her previous Whimsey novels -- it's actually based on a play that she wrote. And fluffy will be enjoyed, especially if it has Peter and Harriet co-existing happily.

Plans for the weekend: not too much. I am doing trivia tonight with the young adults -- but my roommate went home sick so I have a feeling she will not be joining us tonight. Too bad, they're a fun group. Other than that, I think we may be getting around to putting things on the walls in the apartment. I am thinking of looking for frames for some of my posters -- especially the little one that I have of the Eiffel Tower being built. It's neat-o! And I'm going to the Farmer's Market tomorrow morning to get veggies for a recipe that I found in my Everyday Foods magazine -- Easy Navy Bean and Vegetable Stew. It sounds delicious and tasty. I'm a sucker for a good bean and veg recipe.

So, enjoy your weekend! Fall is here!

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