Thursday, September 23, 2004

My eyes hurt. This is the problem with scanning through a couple reels of microfilm looking for an article that might be in the paper -- but they don't really know. And spending a half an hour looking at index cards for articles that don't exist.

So, what do I do? Oh, I'm going to stare at my computer screen!

Anyway, packing progresses. I am seriously going to pack up some clothes tonight, 'cuz if I don't, I'll just have to do it all on Friday night. I probably could do it, but I don't want to tempt fate. That would be baaaad.

I watched the original Law and Order last night -- well, kind of. I left midway through the first episode to go to the grocery story (I needed a cookie!!) and my sister called at the end of the second episode. But Dennis Farina -- he's no Jerry Orbach and it's obvious. I mean, he's not bad, but I keep wanting Lenny to be there and crack wise about the corpses. And he's not! It's kind of sad. I really do enjoy Law and Order though -- it's a show that I will watch most of the time, even if it's an episode that I've seen before. It's got that lovely formulaic pace to it.

And on the Wimsey front -- I gave up on The Five Red Herrings. It was just too much accent for me to take. I am hoping to go back to it eventually, but I moved onto Have His Carcase. Resolution for Peter and Harriet will be coming eventually! Huzzah.

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