Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Golly gee whiz.

I have taken apart my computer desk and computer at home, so I'm limited to updates at work until Monday at least. Yeah, packing is moving along. I feel as though I could probably do it all Friday night, but I realize that's not a real good solution, especially because I would probably be up late. So I'm slowly rousing myself away from the latest Lord Peter Wimsey novel and working on packing up all my crap. Tonight I'm planning to tackle the disaster zone that is my bedroom. It's all clothes that need to be packed, and they should be folded first. Yargh!

Anyway, I do have four confirmed movers to help me, making a grand total of five with me. Plus I've got churchy stuff tonight (for which I am completely unprepared!) and I'm hoping to hit up a couple more movers. Not that I need 'em, but why not?

And today is the first day of Fall! I'm dressed very fallish, with my new corduroys and a red cardigan. But our department was very warm this morning -- but now it has become cold as usual. Oh well, at least I can break out the sweaters now!

In Wimsey news, I finished reading Strong Poison last night. (Yes, I know I'm a fast reader, but I do really enjoy these books and that motivates me to get to the end!) I have started The Five Red Herrings, but I'm finding it a bit slow going. I believe part of it is because it is set in Scotland and features transliterations of a Scottish accent. Now, I love the Scottish accent, but I find reading transliterated accents to be very annoying. The very same thing made me skim through large sections of Gone With the Wind the first itme I read it just to get to the good stuff. Anyway, I have also heard that this one is Sayers doing her best Sherlock Holmes/Conan Arthur Doyle work. We'll see, is all I am going to say now, but I'm looking forward to the book after this one -- Have His Carcase -- which features the return of Harriet Vane. Yay for romantic mystery novels. Especially ones that make me laugh out loud. (And yes, eventually, I will manage to share some of the lines from Strong Poison.)

Okay, that's enough Wimsey for one day. Carry on and enjoy Fall!

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