Friday, September 24, 2004

I forgot to wear my watch today. So it's weird -- I don't have the weight on my wrist and I also don't know what time it is all the time!!

Okay, well, I did successfully pack my clothes last night! Huzzah! And also, because I have decided to not bother folding my hanging clothes, they took up less space than I anticipated. In fact, I may actually have extra boxes!! Yay. Tonight I've gotta pack up the kitchen, dismantle the table, my dresser, and the headboard/bed frame. Good times. I've got the awesome parking spot right next to the door, and because I'm not going any where until 9 am tomorrow -- and that will be after I pick up the fourteen-foot U-Haul (!) -- I shall have the awesome spot tomorrow. Moving seems to be going very smoothly. I've got people to help me, and plenty of time to pack tonight. Plus, if I don't get everything on Saturday, I've got all day Monday or until Thursday to move all my schiznit. It all seems too be going too easily...where's the other shoe?

However, I did realize that I have a lot of shoes. A LOT OF SHOES. Like, they all used to fit into my shoe bin, but now they are overflowing. I love shoes though. They are so fun to buy. I even have red shoes!

So I have started watching The Apprentice -- and since it's back to a normal time, I can actually watch it live. (I have confirmation to teach on Thursdays.) Last night's episode was lame. I mean, the task was kind of interesting, but I am totally on the side of Team Mosiac. I don't like any of the women, and they just seem really, really unable to cope with anything. The Boardroom was totally not (cue dramatic music) The Best. Boardroom. Ever. Eh, not so much. I wouldn't want to hire any of those ladies to work for my company -- except maybe Pamela, and she's on the boy's team! Well, that was your Apprentice update for the week. Hopefully next week'll be more interesting -- it looks like both teams will implode somewhat. Yay for reality TV.

Well, it's still early, so I might be back!

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