Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I'm baaaack.

And I am tired. Moving two days in a row is not something I will ever do again. My move actually went very, very smoothly. D. was awesome and came early. Everyone else who helped me was very willing to move stuff, even the behemouth of a television I have. (It's a 1980s [?] era console television that seriously weighs a ton.) I started moving around 10 am and we were done before 2 pm. And that's with a break to drink water at my new apartment and eating pizza for at least twenty minutes. Moving S.'s stuff...well, it took a little longer. She also did not appear to have packed very well...and she still had to take stuff apart that day. I had everything apart with the exception of my kitchen table and mirror on my dresser. I also did not have a futon and a desk to take apart. One other quibble: she did not take the opportunity to throw things away instead of moving them. I cleaned out my desk and got rid of a ton of old bills and stuff. Why move stuff if you don't have to?

Anyway, Sunday was my one year anniversary of moving to Maryland. And tomorrow is my one year anniversary of starting here at the library. I don't know why it means so much to me, but it's kind of a tough thing to face. I know that I probably need at least a year of experience in order to get another job, and more is probably better, but I guess I just didn't think that I would necessarily be here after a year. It's weird, I know, but this whole past few weeks have been stressful -- moving worries, money worries, job worries, and personal worries. But I'm working on dealing with them...

In other news, I totally enjoyed The Brady Bunch marathon this past weekend. I love The Brady Bunch, and I've seen every single episode of the TV show except one -- which I didn't see this weekend either. So if you've got the episode where the kiddies make the Thanksgiving movie on tape, send it to me! That's the one episode I haven't seen! I also enjoyed the Still Brady After All These Years reunion special, but it seemed kind of lame. And Jenny McCarthy as the host -- craptacular!

So there are boxes all over the place at my new apartment. I'm thinking that Friday (my day off) may have to be devoted to securing us a storage locker and at least getting my room together. But honestly, today I am so tired that I can't really think straight.

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