Tuesday, September 07, 2004

How was your Labor Day weekend? Mine was fairly uneventful. I kind of enjoyed watching The Way We Were with the girly-librarians. Cheeburger Cheeburger was disappointing with the burgers and fries, but delivered with its shakes. I got a s'mores shake, complete with mini-marshmallows which was awesome. The picnic was fun and actually outdoors, although not as many people came this time. We did not manage to eat all the burgers, so M. -- another librarian who loves to eat because he doesn't want to spend money on food himself -- took an enormous platter of burgers home. Boyfriend Librarian did not subject us to any video o, the crazy library patron, but we did watch a lot of '60s go-go dancing taped off of the now defunct AMC Pop. It was fairly entertaining. It also reminded me of a CD I have (Death by Chocolate) that I knew Boyfriend Librarian would like. So I made a copy and we'll see if he likes it. Although, honstly, how can you go wrong with giving a man who likes go-go dancing music that is considered "twee pop?"

And now I'm at work and it's cold. I think I may have to start wearing nylons and socks again. Summer is definitely coming to a close.

I also now have a poncho! Not that I really wanted one, but I got new pants at New York & Company and spent enough money to get a free poncho. It's black. So now I will be set for partying down, poncho style!

I am all set for moving...kind of. I reserved my U-Haul today -- only $19.95 plus $1.29 per mile for a fourteen foot truck. I will be able to fit my entire apartment in it, and then some! Now I'm trying to get people to help me move...I've got a couple from work that are willing, but I don't want to make them work too hard. So, if you're in the Baltimore area on September 25, please come and help me move! I'm only moving a couple miles away, so all I really need is people to help move boxes and furniture.

Right, I suppose I should be getting back to work.

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