Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Damn, did I do a lot of stuff this morning.

I changed my address on my credit card, driver's license, and bank -- all online! I also called Verizon and got my service switched over to their crappy and more expensive service. The upside to switching and transfering my service with Verizon and then dropping them like a hot potato once the phone line is moved is keeping my number. Yes, the really easy number to remember is coming with me. And if you don't know it, too bad!

I also started reading Strong Poison last night and I really, really like it. Of course, it introduces Peter's love interest, Harriet Vane, which makes the romantic in me go all gooey. The premise for the book is that Harriet is on trial for poisoning her lover (yes, she was living out of wedlock with a man! Gasp! This is the 1930s, after all!) and Peter ends up going to her trial. He falls in love with her, and when the first trial ends with a hung jury, he offers to take up her case. Peter knows Harriet isn't guilty, but he has only a month (!) to prove with evidence that she is not. He also proposes marriage upon meeting Harriet for the first time. Sigh. Anyway, there are also lots of clever lines that made me laugh out loud -- so it must be a good book! I don't have to book with me, or else I would copy out some of the best lines.

Anyway, today's a better day. It may be slow at work, but I'm feeling good about things. And I took next Monday off so I can have some time to clean the old apartment, arrange the new apartment, and just recooperate from moving two days in a row. Let's hope the move goes well, and I can manage to get some packing done tonight!

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