Monday, August 16, 2004

What a weekend!

It ended up raining on Saturday -- the only day all weekend! -- so the cook-out became a cook-in. But there was tons of food and lots of people, and we determined that it was quite a success! Plans have been made to repeat the cook-out on Labor Day, only this time having it during the afternoon instead of the evening. Hopefully the weather will be better, and we can use Tom's deck and yard. Regardless, Saturday was fun. And I got to watch some weird shorts on Tom's 16mm projector -- including a very weird one called Asparagus. I also ended up staying until 2:30 am -- Tom was convinced that we needed to watch his interview with weird Ricky. Ricky is a library patron with an enormous beard -- I think it's been nine years since he last shaved. He also talks and talks and talks and talks about all kinds of weird stuff. And none of it makes any sense. Yup, perfect interview subject for his TV show Atomic TV (available on Baltimore City channel 5).

Yeah, so moving along....Sunday was a day of rest for me. I was going to see if I could go the whole day without going outside, but the sunny weather was just too nice to be inside all day. So I went to Panera to get a bagel and honeydew green tea smoothie. Yum. I also got totally sucked into a Monk marathon on USA. I love TV marathons -- it's such an easy way to get into a show. And I am so easily sucked in -- I've gotten into Northern Exposure, Cheers, Remington Steele, and The Wild, Wild West through marathons. Ah, good times.

And today I'm at work. Yay.

Oh! I am going to be going to Buffalo soon to see Kelly. We're going to try on bridesmaid dresses the last weekend in August, and I'm going to do the seven hour drive up to Buffalo. I think it'll be worth it -- there will be resolution over the bridesmaid dresses as well as a trip to Niagra Falls. Good times!

I'm also working on reviewing a movie every day from Turner Classic Movie's Summer Under the Stars for my other blog. I'm not up to speed yet -- I've only managed to watch eleven movies and write nine reviews, but I'm working on it. There are just too many good movies on! Oh, and there is lots of Van Johnson love. I'll save it for over there, but I must say one thing: the man is really shiny in The Last Time I Saw Paris. And that is all for now. I'll catch you cats and kittens on the outside. (Hee!)

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