Thursday, August 12, 2004

Uh, what's new?

Not much, other than I got a...what is the opposite of a compliment? A non-compliment? It wasn't quite an insult, but it wasn't "nice" either. Anyway, yesterday I was helping this couple look for demographic information on American FactFinder (it's the census stuff). And I helped them a lot, so they thanked me when they were leaving. And the girl asked me if I had gone swimming a lot this summer. Now, I kind of knew where this was going, having been a swimmer in high school, but it turns out that my hair has a green-ish cast to it. She gave me her business card, and said that she could "fix me up" and that I should check out their website. Now, it's frickin' expensive to get hair dyed, and I honestly cannot afford to drop $75 on my hair to fix it, I feel all insecure about it. Sigh. What is a girl to do? I just want to have normal hair again -- that's why I went with light brown -- I thought it would get me back to my natural hair color! And instead, I end up as weird dark-ish brown with some residual blonde-ish highlights.

Yeah, so I'm kind of hosting a picnic this weekend at a fellow librarian's house. It's all people from work who are going, and it will hopefully be a good time. I'm making beans and cherry fluff, so it will definitely be tasty!

And today I am getting all invovled with a set of genealogy lectures that we're bringing to the library. I have to contact Cyndi of Cyndi's List to see if she has any recommendations. Ah, genealogy!

And I got an email from some random blogger who caught my profile. Apparently there aren't too many people who list both handbells and libraries as interests in Blogger. So, yeah, go me. I have ecclectic interests! Although, sadly, I have to decide between continuing with handbells or getting involved with Confirmation. I don't know which I would prefer -- handbells is lots of fun, but helping out with the kiddies would probably be more fun. Plus the fact that I probably won't be here for Christmas makes handbells a little less interesting...Christmas being the big time for handbell music. Ring-ring-ring!

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