Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I learned something yesterday. Following the directions on the boxes of hair dye is important!

Yes, I dyed my hair again. I had had dark blonde hair with blonde highlights, and the roots were starting to show. I didn't like that, so I picked up a box of Garnier 100% Color - Light Brown a few weeks earlier when it was on sale. And instead of following the instructions that said to touch up roots for twenty minutes and then apply to rest of hair for ten minutes, I put it on my head for twenty-five minutes. Bad, bad, bad idea! So now I look like I'm channeling Ashlee Simponson. Well, now that I look at her photo, not quite as dark. But it is quite a change from blonde-ish to definite brunette! And yes I haven't gotten any comments from anyone at work...perhaps it either (a) looks really bad and they don't want to tell me or (b) they didn't notice.

Well, enough about the hair. It'll fade eventually!

Kitty sitting was a success. I now understand why people get kitties -- Petra was very sweet and didn't really scratch me too much. I didn't do much over the weekend, just watched a lot of Hepburn-Tracy movies and (sadly) Yentl, which is a really crappy movie. I had seen it before, but I remembered it as being better. It's a musical and only Barbara Streisand sings -- no Mandy Patinkin!

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