Friday, July 23, 2004

With the Democratic National Convention coming up in just three days, I think John Kerry needs to get back with the Electras. Yes, the Democratic nominee was in a garage rock band back in the '60s. How cool is that? And he played bass! And you too can own a copy of the CD is you only spend $14 (plus shipping and handling). Awesome. It's almost as cool as having a mayor in a Celtic rock band. Notice how I said almost...nothing will be as cool as O'Malley.

Yup, it's Friday and it doesn't really feel like it. Tomorrow I should be getting an air conditioner, or at least I hope so. And I'm going to see De-Lovely Saturday night. It should be a busy weekend. Oh, plus duckpin bowling on Sunday afternoon.

Meanwhile, on the job front, I'm busier! Yay. Things have picked up a lot at work, so at least I have stuff to do while I'm not on desk most of the time. Plus there's this new committee I'm on -- we're going to be working on revamping the website -- which apparently was hard to get on. I think there were two staff positions open, and I got one of them. Hopefully it'll look good on my resume -- if they're looking for someone with web skills, I've got 'em!

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