Thursday, July 22, 2004

I'm getting cable! Comcast is offer an excellent deal where, for first time subscribers, you can get basic and digital cable until the end of the year for only $20 per month. I have been spending that (plus some!) on DVDs. So next Friday, between eight a.m. and noon, I should have it installed. I'm excited, and even if I decide to move, I can either bring it with me or cancel it. And I'm planning to downsize to the minimum (if I stay where I am) in January. So, yay! I'll finally have TCM and BBC America! Happy days.

Yup, I think I've decided to move in with Shayna if it will save me money. So I'm hoping to convince her to move to Rodger's Forge or maybe Stevenson Lane. I don't know -- it's such a tough decision. But, as my mom pointed out, why not try to save a lot of money (and not get ammenities like a/c and a washer/dryer in unit) in case I decide to quit being a librarian for a while to go back to grad school. I mean, regardless, I would save money by moving in with Shayna, probably at least $100, maybe more, depending on where we lived. But it is nice to have my own place, with my stuff, and everything. And now I'm getting cable anyway! Yes, the world, sadly, does revolve around me being able to get cable. It's been over two years since I've had it full-time, so I feel it is time I can get it!

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