Tuesday, July 27, 2004


I've got a computer of my own at work again. Yay! I no longer will have to use other people's computers and feel guilty about doing non-work related things on them. The downside: my computer retained none of the stuff that was on it. So I will have to get the webperson to reconfigure WP_FTP on my computer so I can continue to update the Maryland Department's webpage. Bummer.

In other news, I looked at an apartment this morning that was awesome. Courthouse Square is like Rodgers Forge, but only way nicer. Especially in the sense that it has central air conditioning and a dishwasher. And did I mention that it's yooge (TM Donald Trump)?

But -- there's always a but -- after going there, I wasn't all gung-ho, let's move. I'm really just not wanting to move. I keep thinking about all the complications of moving all my crap somewhere, and it just makes me...well, less enthusiastic. I would be saving a lot of money if I moved there, and there would definitely be enough space for us to live together and not on top of each other. Even if I got the small bedroom, I would still have plenty of room for just me. It's just that I keep thinking about having to rent a U-Haul and trying to get people to help me move my furniture and everything.

Perhaps that means that I really shouldn't move in with Future Roommate. Or else it might mean that I'm just inherently lazy and don't really feel like moving, even if it will save me money. Yargh.

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