Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I've been enjoying watching the Democratic National Convention on television the past couple of nights. I can definitely see why Bill Clinton gets so much money from speaking -- he's really, really good at it. Hilary Clinton, eh? Not so much. Although, if she's going to run for president some day, I would probably support her. I missed most of Barack Obama's speech (on the phone!), but what I did hear was very interesting. Teresa Heinz Kerry -- well, it was okay. She started out strong, but then lost me at the end. I wish she'd been able to humanize John Kerry a little bit more, and being his wife, you'd think she'd want to share with the U.S. some of the qualities that made her pick him. I mean, I like John Kerry and all, but he doesn't have much of a backstory, other than the incessant Vietnam, Vietnam, Vietnam! Yeah, I understand that John Kerry said "Send me" but seriously, hasn't he done anything else noteworthy?

So tonight should be another fun night -- Mayor O'Malley will be making his prime-time debut at the Convention. You can probably catch him on PBS -- I'm guessing if the networks cover anything tonight, it will mostly be John Edwards and not Baltimore's mayor talking about Homeland Security.

Well, enough political stuff for one day.

I've again flip-flopped on moving again. (Perhaps this is why I like John Kerry...) I've decided that the pain of moving will be worth the joy of saving cash each month. Especially if I decide to go to graduate school again. And it won't be so bad. I can bribe people with pizza and beer afterwards, and cajole them into helping move my furniture. Anyway, the Apartment Ratings for Courthouse Square are not great (43% positive), but I realize that no apartment is perfect. So hopefully Shayna and I will really like it on Friday.

And I'm getting cable installed on Friday! I am so excited. And in August, TCM is rebroadcasting The Major and The Minor in August. I'm so glad I didn't win that Ebay auction now.

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