Saturday, July 17, 2004

Am I tired.

Seriously, I need a vacation from my vacation. I have been falling asleep so early at home now -- on Thursday, I got home around 9 pm. I managed to puruse Cosmo for a half an hour, and then I turned on the TV to shrill reruns of Will and Grace. Not so much. So I "watched" the second half of CSI. Or should I say, I fell asleep through the second half hour of CSI, woke up to see Without a Trace Start, woke up mid-way through Without a Trace, and finally decided to sleep in my bed, instead of the couch.

So, yeah. What an exciting life I lead.

Artscape started yesterday, so tonight The NY Librarians (I think) and I are going to have dinner (presumably) and go see O'Malley's March. Yes, our mayor is in a Celtic rock band. How cool is your mayor compared to that? And Wyclef Jean and the Violent Femmes are playing tonight afterwards. It should be a good time. I hope so. And then tomorrow Two if By Sea is playing. I know the bass player (he was born in North Dakota!) from work so a bunch of librarians are planning to go. But seriously, do I do much without a posse of librarians?

Yesterday was a great day. I felt like I was back on vacation -- managed to sleep in a little, watched a movie, went grocery shopping, cleaned the refrigerator and freezer, and went to Target. It was super laid back, and I wish I could do that more often. Except the whole cleaning bit. Cleaning is not so fun, but necessary.

I, however, did not managed to unpack. My suitcases are still on my bedroom floor, filled with clean clothes waiting to be put away. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

I still don't have a computer at work, and since I have actually been kind of busy today, I might not be able to update too much more about my splendid vacation until later. Perhaps I can manage to scan some of my photos and put them up someday. First I suppose I should develop the film.

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