Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Ugh. I have to make a decision soon about where to live next year. I got a letter in the mail yesterday from my rental company giving me twenty days to get back to them in writing if I didn’t want to renew my lease. I’ve pretty much realized that I’m going to be in Baltimore for probably at least two years. Even if I end up going to graduate school, I wouldn't be able to start until Fall 2005, which would put me at a little under two years in Baltimore.

The problem is trying to decide if I want to stay in Rodgers Forge, which is full of character and cheap, but also doesn't have many amenities. In fact, it has no amenities. And there's another librarian that I could move in with. Shayna and I don't work in the same department at the library, but I'm just not sure if I want to live with someone I work with. I think we'd get along very well, but I'm kind of worried that it might be too much togetherness. I think I'd save some money, but I'd also lose having my own place. Well, I'm going to have to think about it and probably make a big ole pros and cons list. It's just one more thing I really don't feel like thinking about right now!

I'm still without a computer at work, so I'm actually writing this before I go to work today. It's kind of a pain to use other people's computers, and while I have used the reference desk computer to blog, I have been busy on the desk. Which is good...

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