Wednesday, June 23, 2004

AOL is stupid.

Now let me elaborate on this statement. When I moved to Baltimore, I didn't have an internet provider. Previously, I either lived on-campus and had awesome high-speed internet, lived off-campus and got free but slow dial-up from UWM, or lived with my parents and had free internet from them. I decided to get a Sailor account for free from the state of Maryland -- essentially, if you're a resident of Maryland, you can get free dial-up internet. But I was lazy about setting it up -- so I decided to go with AOL briefly before I managed to fill out the paperwork. So I've had AOL since October. And I don't want to pay for stupid AOL -- so I always call them right before it expires. And they keep giving me more free months. I have paid for exactly one month of service -- when I forgot to call before it got cancelled -- and I have had internet since October 2003 and will have free AOL until August 2004. That's TEN months of internet for only $29 or so! I would think that there would be some kind of record of the fact that I have tried to cancel and that they keep comping me for months, but whenever I call, they keep offering me another two months free. I hate AOL -- their browser is freakin' annoying, but it's FREE. I don't understand how they make money, but it can't be from people like me.

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