Tuesday, June 22, 2004

It makes no sense, but I am more tired today than I was yesterday. And I even got around nine hours of sleep last night! And I had coffee this morning! Crazy.

I applied for two jobs this morning -- the previously mentioned one at Univeresity of Minnesota at Duluth and another one at the Minnesota School of Business. I've applied at both places before. I'm actually hoping the Duluth one calls me back -- it's a humanities position, and I think it would be cool. The School of Business was a pain -- they don't have a phone number listed, so I never managed to get ahold of the guy to talk to him about the job. That one is less desirable, but right now I just plain don't want to be here.

But my vacation is coming up in ten days, so I'm just going to concentrate on that. And I've got a week off at Thanksgiving to go home for Kelly's wedding and spend time with the folks. And hopefully I'll take a few days off at Christmas to head back to Wisconsin.

Well, things at work are still up in the air. It looks like for now at least I'll be working Monday and Tuesday 11-7, but the City Council managed to pass some taxes that might change things. I'm not sure how it's going to work out -- but in the article they do mention cutting hours at the library. Well, we've got two weeks before the fiscal year begins and who knows what will happen then. It's just proof that working for the government can be a pain, especially during bad economic times.

I watched The Lady Eve last night -- got it from the library. I had read quite a bit about the movie, including Roger Ebert's Great Movies review. A brief synopsis: Brewery heir Charles (Henry Fonda) is coming back from South America where he has been hunting snakes. He gets on a ship where all the girls want to chase him down, but Jean (Barbara Stanwyck) manages to trip him and steal his heart. Of course, she is with her father and turns out to be card sharks/con artists interested in getting money from him. Jean truly falls in love with him, and is planning to tell Charles as soon as they get to America. He finds out earlier, and breaks things off with Jean. Jean doesn't take this lying down, and infiltrates Charles's home and family by posing as Lady Eve -- changing nothing about her appearance, only putting on a British accent. Charles falls in love with her and they get married. But Jean decides to teach him a lesson, and their honeymoon does not end happily. In the end, everything works out, and both are happy. (How this happens I won't say, but you'll have to rent it yourself.)

I enjoyed the movie, but it wasn't as funny as I thought it was going to be. I think perhaps that reading (especially Ebert's review) spoiled the movie for me -- I anticipated most of the funny bits, and when they weren't as funny as I expected, I felt a little let down. I'm going to give it another go 'round later this week to see if it's better the second time.

Oh, I might also be going to a concert coming up. Guster, Ben Folds, and Rufus Wainright are going to be in town a week from tomorrow, and Andrea and I were thinking of going. It would be lots of fun -- I haven't been to a real concert in such a long time. Plus then I'd have reason to get a couple new CDs -- not that I need to be spending the money, but I would like to give Guster a test spin.

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