Thursday, May 06, 2004

Well, Friends is now over. And I (honestly!) guessed at one of the endings. The one about Monica and Chandler. Although, I might add, I thought that Monica would end up getting preggers after committing to adopting a kiddie -- and then one of them would end up having twins. So, not quite, but close enough!

And it was nice to see that Joey didn't get spun off (really) of the end of Friends.

It was a good finale episode -- a little humor and enough wrapping up of all the loose ends to make everyone happy. Rachel and Ross got back together. Yay.

And now I'm watching Without a Trace (or as my mom likes to call it, Gone Missing). Not quite as absorbing, but entertaining still the same.

Well, Friends is gone forever. I hope we can find a sitcom as inane and entertaining at the same time to replace it!

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