Thursday, May 06, 2004

Hmmm...I could have sworn that I had something to say today. I don't really. I'm cold here at work -- my fingernails have turned kind of purplish with white crescents in the middle. I am hoping (futilely) that it will not be freezing in my workplace over the summer. Somehow I suspect that it will be frigid and I will end up having the same kind of problems that I do when I worked in the cheese factory. Going from frigid temperatures to a hot car does not make a person feel very good.

Well, I just bought my ticket to go visit Jenny H. up in MA. I'm flying into Providence, RI, which makes me happy. Yay for little Rhody! However, I haven't gotten a confirmation email from Southwest yet. I'm slightly concerned -- I swear I booked my flight. I entered all my credit card number and stuff, and it looked like it was done. But I haven't gotten confirmation that it's been booked yet! I'm going to try calling them after I get off the desk at 2:30.

I watched Spellbound last night. It was really good. I identified with the kiddies -- even if I couldn't spell half the words they could -- because of their geekiness. I feel like I was a geek in school, although perhaps not on the level that some of them are/were. I think it would have been a good movie to see in a theater -- to get that sense of anxiety the kids were feeling. And to block out some of the distrations that come from watching a movie on a TV. Anyway, I really was rooting for Ted. He seemed to fit in the least with his surroundings and also his parents had the most casual attitude towards everything. And he had on a Packers T-shirt. I'm guessing he had lived in Wisconsin for at least a little while -- or perhaps the UP.

Yup, that's about all that's going on around here. I've got off tomorrow, so I'm hoping to get my apartment cleaned again, do some laundry, and go grocery shopping. Oh, and tonight it the ginormous Friends finale. Whoopee! But I'll probably watch I have anything better to do anyway? I'm sure you'll be enjoying it too.

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