Saturday, May 08, 2004

It is really slow at work today. The phone hasn't rung at all and I have been out at the desk since 10 am and one person has come in. One! Now, since it's slow, you'd think that I would be working on my presentation. I've got a book out here to read -- but no, I'm surfing the net. Mostly reading NY Times articles. There was one really funny one -- Quick, After Him: Pac-Man Went Thataway about how people are starting to use their gadgets (cell phones and GPS) to play games in urban settings. It sounds like a very fun thing to do, and an intriguing use of technology.

Well, I had yesterday off and I didn't do anything. Mostly sat around and watched movies. I'm working on altering my dress for the "prom" that a co-worker at the library is having in two weeks. All the sewing machines I could borrow are broken, so I'm just working on doing it by hand. I watched Charade again -- it's cute. And then I went to the grocery store and got lots of meat. I've got lots of chicken and pork in the freezer now. Then I went to the library and got a couple videos and some books. I'm reading The Way You Wear Your Hat: Frank Sinatra and the Lost Art of Livin', which is mildly interesting. I'm more interested in Sinatra as an actor -- I've been very intrigued by Take Me Out to the Ball Game and The Manchurian Candidate lately. (And no, I didn't get Take Me Out to the Ball Game again from the library.)

Nope, the movies I got this weekend were Gilda and Calamity Jane. Gilda was good. It's considered a classic, and I can see why. It's got the one Rita Hayworth number everyone has probably seen or at least seen some reference to -- she sings "Put the Blame on Mame" in a black satin dress while taking off her black glove. Calamity Jane has Howard Keel and Doris Day and it's basically in the same vein as Annie Get Your Gun. Well, I guess there are worse things to do with my days off.

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