Friday, May 21, 2004

So many things to say and only so much time to blog at work.

Anyway, I've found someone new to trade music with. Tom (from work) got a ride with me a few times over the past week, and he liked my Turin Brakes CD that was playing. Said it reminded him of T-Rex, so I ended up getting a copy of one of their CDs -- T-Rexstacy. So I made copies of both Turin Brakes albums and threw in a copy of Blur: Best Of because he didn't have any Blur.

Anyway, it's nice to have someone to talk about music with -- even if I'm not quite as up to date as I used to be. It's hard to keep current with music if you don't have cable or high speed internet. And then there's the whole downloading issues of late -- legal or not, it was a great way to get new music. I still have over 2000 MP3s on my computer, many of which I have never actually listened to. In fact, earlier this year, I just made a CD with some MP3s that I had -- The Avalanches. They are fun and Frontier Psychiatrist is excellent. I think you can even watch the music video at the MTV site -- but I can't do that at work.

So why I am suddenly waxing about music? I read an editorial in the NY Times by Nick Hornby -- Rock of Ages -- and it just made me think about how hard it is to keep up with popular music. I'm still young, but it does become more difficult to stay current. I can't imagine what it'll be like in another ten years!

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