Sunday, May 09, 2004

Well, Blogger has changed their website! It looks interesting, and I'd love to change my, keep an eye out (possibly) for a new look.

Anyway, I don't have to work tomorrow morning (yay!) but I'll be at work until 8 pm. So I can stay up late tonight. So I decided to get online and blog a bit.

I just read a very interesting article in the New York Times -- The End of the Surprise Ending and it's all about the internet and spoilers. I haven't been really, really invested in a show for a long time. Well, I've only been invested in one show -- my first and only foray into online fandom was with Remember WENN. Dang, I did enjoy reading about spoilers when that show was on. I think I even had a section of my website that listed the spoilers that I could find. However, Remember WENN wasn't really that popular of a show, so there weren't a lot of spoilers anyway. But I do remember being devastated that my college didn't get AMC when the season finale aired after I began my freshman year at UWEC. I had to wait three or four days after it aired in order to watch it. And my email inbox was filled with messages discussing the finale. But I was strong and held off until I got the tape. I really was obsessed -- I guess it is a good thing it went off the air. Even if I would still love to see Scott and Betty get together. C'est la vie.

And since I'm speaking of television, I might say that I am really happy that Fox has decided to give up on the whole "fall-is-the-only-season-to-start-new-shows-in" mind set. I really enjoyed the shows that they started last summer -- Keen Eddie was pretty entertaining (mostly because it was set in London and featured a hot guy) and The O.C. is delightfully soapy. I love me some Adrien Brody. Now, I know that I watch a lot of TV period, but I am not interested in reruns. Unless it's Law and Order and it's various spin offs. I don't have cable, so I have to keep myself entertained somehow. And it won't be with partying every night!

However, this summer (or at least until mid-July) I will be pretty busy with traveling and having people stay with me. I've got Katie coming on Saturday -- and I might ask, where did May come from? And in June I'm going up to Providence to see Jenny H. And then in July, I'm heading home to enjoy some (hopefully) non-humid weather.

So, I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do in the future with my job and all that. It's tough -- I don't especially want to stay in Maryland, but moving somewhere where I don't know anyone isn't that appealing either. It was tough to start here -- it's still tough. But I have some friends and I like my co-workers. I just don't really enjoy my job that much. So I'm starting to weigh my options. And there's the fact that one of my co-workers (Shayna) and I could move into together in October when my lease is up. But that would mean that I would have to commit to living here for another year... Yargh. It's a pain to think about all this stuff!

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