Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I got to experience a Baltimore tradition today. On my lunch break at that! I went to the Baltimore Flowermart, which was just up the street from the library. It was pretty schnazzy, lots of flowers and arts and crafty type things and bakery. I did not buy any bakery or flowers, but I did try a lemon stick, which is a lemon cut in half that you "drink" through a peppermint stick. It's the old fashioned type of peppermint stick -- not like a candy cane -- but more softy and melty. I would never think to put the two flavors together, but it was very tasty. The peppermint stick dissolves enough to make the lemon palatable, and I didn't really taste a lot of peppermint. But my peppermint stick broke, so I ended up just sucking lemon juice out of the lemon half and licking the peppermint stick. It was good, but better if you can use the peppermint stick as a straw.

Not much else going on -- I've got an outline for my presentation and I'm planning to get it put together (the speech part at least) Thursday and Friday. I'm just hoping that is interesting enough. That's what I'm worried about -- that it'll end up being a lame-o presentation and even the old folks won't like it. Oh well, I better get it written before I start complaining about the topic!

No interesting articles in the NY Times today, although I did see an interesting article in Slate. Simply the Best is about how the Modern Art Museum has an exhibit entitled Humble Masterpieces. Basically, it's about appreciating the art in every day objects, like the travel lid from your Starbucks coffee or bubble wrap. One thing I didn't like about the article was that I could see the whole slide show -- it wouldn't let me resize the browser window so I keep getting stuck at the superball exhibit. I'm sure it's because I'm using Netscape. At work, all I use is Netscape because it has tabs, which are awesome and all me to browse multiple things at the same time and only have one browser open. Anyway, check it out -- and let me know what comes after the superball.

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