Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I was going to write something funny, about this woman I saw totally sideswipe a car when she was backing out a parking spot on Saturday night at Target, but I had something on my desk.

The library is looking for two Librarian IIs. I'm "on the eligibility list" at the Librarian II level. Neither position is my ideal job -- I enjoy being a reference librarian a lot. But I am pretty darn bored with my current job. (Well, I'm procrastinating from something that I should be, but other than that, I can pretty much handle what the job throws at me.) Anyway, one sounds more interesting than the other, mostly because the first one appears to have more networking and whatnot. But the second one would be kind of cool too -- I did take several cataloging classes. My mom actually saw these jobs in the Sun the night that she and my dad left and throught I might be interested in them.

And now I'm going to have to figure out if I want to apply for them. More than likely I will, because I shouldn't have to go through an interview. At least I don't think I should.

Guh. I don't want to have to deal with having to write a cover letter and jazz up my resume for a job that I don't really want anyway. It's just that it would pay more than I get now. Sigh. This is such a hassle.

Well, enough of that. I was reading the NY Times online and I found this excellent slideshow in the magazine. I can't link directly to it, but it's located on the right hand side bar under the heading portfolio. It's pictures of the U.S. from 1939-1943, but the best part is that they are in color. I am so used to seeing that era in black and white that it was fascinating to see the color in the women's dresses. I would love to get the book that includes more of the photographs. The Library of Congress in conjunction with a couple of authors have created Bound for Glory: America in Color 1939-1943. That era is just so evocative of black and white -- black and white films and black and white photos and even radio. Just seeing the colors makes it seem so much more present, and perhaps even a little more real than the distance black and white provides.

Anyway, this week's NY Times Magazine did prove to have several interesting articles. I'd suggest following the link above and reading on slot machines and Bill Richardson. Both are very interesting. I've only gone gambling once, while I was visiting a friend in Minnesota, and I didn't think that it was that great. However, if I had played a game that didn't take my money away so soon -- perhaps I could be convinced that it was fun. But I only had $15 or so to gamble away. And I didn't win any of it back. The Bill Richardson piece is fun, and an interesting look at a non-traditional politician.

Anyway, there were lots of articles in the Times today that I liked. I don't usually link so much to them, but the one on the Lower East side branch library was interesting, especially to a librarian.

Well, enough fun links for one day. I must get back to work.

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