Friday, May 14, 2004

He's baaaaack.

The stupid English jackass who was so impatient about his Black Hand articles has sent another question to my department. And it is my day for digital reference (Questionpoint/email) so I get to write back to the idiot. He wants information on a lemon importing business that was mentioned briefly in one of the articles. Now, I'm not worried that Dr. British Black Hand will find his way to my blog, so I'm quoting from his email:

Sadly, the name of this business, and when it operated in Baltimore is not given. [snip] Is there a reference work that tells me when they were partners, when they dissolved the lemon importing business, etc?

This is a business from pre-1908! Do you honestly think that a public library in Baltimore is going to keep records on businesses going back that far, regardless of how helpful we are?

And then there's my "librarian" library assistant co-worker. My boss wanted to leave early to be able to see his son leave for prom. Great, no problem. But she suggests that he leaves at 4 pm. "No problem," says she, "we can cover the desk for you." Now, I have been here since 9:15 am (traffic problems). I have been on the phones since 9, on the desk from 10-11:30 and 1-2. That's three and a half hours of reference work -- more than enough for one day. But she comes back into the office at 3:30 and says, "Could you work the desk from 4-5? Boss is on the desk for the next half hour, and I'm tired." (I'm not sure exactly what excuse she made up about not wanting to be on the desk, but it was something like that.) Of course, I agreed to do it, but inside I was mad! I had agreed to cover a half an hour when my boss wanted to leave at 4:30. I did not chime in with a oh-we-can-cover-it-leave-an-hour-early. Grrrr.

Oh well, good news for me today! I got invited to me on the committee that will be reviewing the library's webpage. And my boss asked me if I could cover a presentation for him if he had to go to a meeting out of the county. Now, I would definitely cover the presentation -- it's for a second grade class -- but I can't because I work Tuesday night. But he did make special note to say that I was the first person he asked to do it. Yay for me.

And I did find a kick-ass job that I really want to apply for. However, the application deadline has come and gone. My plan is to call on Monday and see if they would still accept my application and get one out asap. I have no experience as a media librarian, but working for Wisconsin Public Television would be awesome. Not to mention the incredible salary increase and a lower cost of living. Sure, Madison is expensive -- but not as bad as Baltimore! And I fit almost all of their requirements, depending on what kind of customizable database they are using. So, let's hope that I can still apply and be the candidate that they are waiting for.

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