Monday, May 24, 2004

At work, I have a Worst Case Scenario calendar. And over the weekend -- when I was not working -- it gave me instructions on how to escape from killer bees. I shared it with my co-worker and he added something mildly amusing. It's number 5. I'll paraphrase as much as possible to be a good librarian and avoid copyright issues.
1. If killer bees are buzzing around your head, run away. Run away!
2. If you can't get to shelter, run through stuff for cover. Stuff could include bushes or tall weeds.
3. If you are stung, remove the stinger with a sideways motion.
4. Don't jump in the water. The bees will be waiting for you when you surface.
5. Tell the bees you are sorry for disturbing them and please leave you alone.

Anyway, isn't that fantastic? My Get Fuzzy calendar at home had something funny on it too that I felt like sharing, but it's at home and I'm here at work. So, no funny cat/dog stories today.

And since I just recently got Desk Set, an awesome movie with Hepburn and Tracy that is set in a library-like setting to boot, I'm going to provide you with the opportunity to learn more about library movies. Yes, there actually is an annotated filmography of librarians in movies. Sadly, I have not seen too many of the films included, although Foul Play is one of my favorites. I watched it when I was studying for the comps last year. It was quite a relief to watch something library related instead of studying dry library stuff. Ah, those were the days. At least this year I'm no longer in school and I can actually go up to Michigan instead of having to study.

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