Tuesday, May 25, 2004

As soon as I'm done with this entry, I've got to get crackin' on my espionage presentation. Luckily for me, my boss decided to switch presentation dates with me -- I am now presenting on June 15, which gave me additional time to get things going. I squandered all of the extra time last week -- and I am determined to get it finished tonight, which would give me three weeks to put together the stupid Powerpoint aspect and run through it a few times. And I can find some cool visuals to hold up and whatnot. Yay! Old people must be entertained by me.

I'm working two nights in a row, which actually isn't that bad. I like having the mornings off -- I tend to exercise and then come home and eat breakfast and watch either the Today show or a movie. Today I had Lola Rennt or Run Lola Run. I like it mostly because of the music -- I was hoping that it would get me motivated to get stuff done this morning. And I did! I managed to file crap -- old utility bills and warranties and shite like that. Now I just need to balance my checkbook. I'm so lazy with it -- I haven't really balanced it for a couple of months. I know that I have enough money -- in fact, most of the time when I go to the ATM, I'm surprised at how much cash is in my checking account. But I should probably have a better idea of where things are going and whatnot. And since I've got an enormous credit card bill (two flights, baby!) coming soon, I will have to stop buying DVDs.

I'm dog-sitting (again for Nixon) starting tomorrow night, and I'm looking forward to it. Time to spend with a doggy, even if he is huge and likes to bark. I also get cable -- and I just bought a pack of blank VHS tapes at Target this morning. I was hoping to be able to tape The Dirty Dozen, which was always my favorite Memorial Day marathon movie. It's so entertaining. I'm also hoping to catch Stalag 17 again. I saw it years ago, and it would be cool to see again. Plus I'm really interested in William Holden of late. Well, maybe I'll check out TCM's schedule before getting to work...

Anyway, I've also been reading trashy Hollywood books. I skimmed the worst one on Sunday night -- The Golden Girls of MGM : Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, Lana Turner, Judy Garland, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, and Others -- and it was essentially a recounting of all the star's sex lives. Trashy! And I've checked out several Hollywood books from the Library today -- The Memory of All That by Gene Kelly's first wife Betsy Blair, Alfred Hitchcock: Centenary Essays, and The Million Dollar Mermaid by Esther Williams. The Hitchcock book is probably the classiest of them all -- more like something I would read to write a paper with, but it should be interesting. And best of all, it's a book of essays, so I can skim! I started reading the Betsy Blair book when I was working at Marquette, and I don't remember finishing it. I'm reading about Esther Williams mostly for the 40s and 50s era MGM gossip -- and she was in Take Me Out to the Ballgame, a musical that is not quite good enough to justify the number of times I have seen it, but is entertaining nonetheless.

Oh, and I got Good News from Shayna today. I'm planning to watch it tonight -- a musical with a librarian! What fun. Well, she's a student librarian, but June Allyson's character works there regardless! And Peter Lawford, who I know not a lot about, other than he was in the Rat Pack and was related to the Kennedys. And wasn't he the one who introduced Marilyn Monroe to JFK and RFK? And he was born in England, as I suspected! Thank goodness for the IMDb.

Right-o, well, to the TV schedule and then to work!

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