Thursday, May 27, 2004

It's nine thirty AM and I'm officially on the clock, but I felt like writing instead. (Perhaps I should get finishing my presentation, but that can wait...)

Anyway, I got coffee this morning. Iced french vanilla creme coffee to be accurate, and it tastes awful. Too much flavoring -- as if you'd licked the vanilla extract bottle because it smells so good. Blech. I added some instant coffee and now I'm waiting for the ice to melt so that the coffee can be watered down. Oh well, at least I got around a twenty-percent discount. Whoohoo for working at the library.

I'm going to the big Orioles-Yankees game tonight -- it's the last one in their series. Last night would have been the game to go to -- the Yankees won, 12-9. High scoring games are always more fun. But I can spend a crapload of money on dinner at Camden Yards. It should be tasty, and I'm getting a snowball. And beer. There must be beer at a ball game.

Oh, and Saturday there is a free They Might Be Giants concert at the Science Center. I have a feeling I will be going -- it should be fun. Who doesn't remember and love Istanbul (Not Constantinople), Particle Man, and Birdhouse? Ah, happy days.

Well, it's been about an hour since I started my post, and my drink still tastes like ass. But I will finish it! I did not spend $2.75 to not drink my iced coffee!

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