Saturday, April 24, 2004

Someone is moving in upstairs today! I saw her moving in her two cats this morning before I left for work. And, of course, I heard her upstairs. When I left for work, I introduced myself and I promptly forgot her name. But I did find out she's an English teacher. My only prayer is that she is a fan of carpeting and will keep decent hours. I do not need someone clomping around upstairs, waking me up fifteen minutes before my alarm goes off.

And speaking of insanely early hours, I'm still keeping them. I went to bed around 11 pm last night and woke up at, you guessed it, 6:25 am! It is Saturday, and yes, I do have to work, but I didn't need to be conscious until at least 7 am! Oh well, I managed to iron my shirt this morning. So I look neat and tidy. And underdressed for the cool air in our department, but that's okay. I look cute!

Yes, so today the goal will be to clear off my desk. I've got Questionpoint/email today, and so far (cross my fingers!) there has been no new questions. Let's hope it can stay fairly clear for the day. I've got lots of lookups -- City Directories mostly -- and letters to send out, and I'd like to get them done so I can get crackin' on my presentation. Let's just hope that it isn't too busy here today -- it's just me and Nancy, so I'll have four hours of fun on the desk! Well, three hours on the desk and one hour on phones. And no one called! Yay!

Tonight I've got no plans. Well, I take that back. I have plans, but they are boring -- cleaning my bedroom. It is a mess. And I can't have a mess with the family here. Plus I should switch out the summer/winter clothes. Time to put the sweaters down for the season.

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