Friday, April 23, 2004

Okay, so I was looking through my archives today and I tend to start my posts with "I'm bored." No more! Even if I am bored at work, I will come up with something more interesting than that stupid statement. And with the way work has been going, I haven't really had as much time as I used to in order to peruse the internet for fun and write in my blog.

And enough complaining about work. I tend to say the same thing over and over and over again -- so I'll try to come up with something more interesting to say about being in the Maryland Department.

Although, I had this weird customer last night. He came up to me and told me that he was having trouble with his email. I was on the phone so I told him that I would be with him in a minute. After I finished with the phone call, I went over to help him at his computer. He was looking at the library's home page trying to figure out where his email had gone. So I asked him who he got his email through. "Yahoo" was his response. So I typed in and told him that he needed to go to the right page in order to access his email.

How do people like that manage? I cannot even fathom it. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he is new to the whole Internet, but wasn't the electronic revolution a while back? Oh well, there was an interesting article about wired libraries in the New York Times. There was one quote in it that I didn't really agree with: "Books are never going away, but the future of libraries is much more as community centers." The quote came from a librarian at a public library, which have always served as a sort of community center. I'm just not sure about the community center aspect. Libraries have so many roles - especially public ones -- that it seems silly to think that community center will be their main one. Having internet doesn't make it a community center. I always thought that community center meant intereaction between members of the community, and if people are using the Internet, they're not really interacting with the people standing right next to them?

Enough philosophy.

I got two new CDs this week -- and that is the end of my electronic shopping spree. I got Rooney at the suggestion of Jenny H. I've only listened to it through once, and they remind me of Weezer a lot. That's not necessarily bad, but it was just uncanny. And there's one song of theirs that I had heard on the radio -- Daisy Duke -- that when I heard it on the radio, I swore it was Weezer. And I also got Jet - Get Born which rocks! I mean, seriously, it rocks. The two best songs (Are You Gonna Be My Girl and Cold Hard Bitch) have been released as singles, but they are great. They remind me of bands from the sixties -- a little of the Beatles and the Doors. Just pieces of their songs here and there have parts of them. But it's a good thing. And it's an album I want to play loudly when I'm driving. Luckily this week I got to drive myself to work, so I didn't have to make conversation and I could sing along loudly with my music. It makes happy to go to work if I can sing along with my music. Can't really do that with Andrea....she doesn't seem to have the same taste in music that I do. Oh well, I can rock it out on Saturday!

Well, this is enough for now. Have a good morning!

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