Saturday, April 24, 2004

I've found the anti-me.

Well, in one aspect. I was not in the mood to work at work, and since it has been absolutely dead in the department whilst I was on desk, I found blogs to read. And I ended up at Girl Detective, which is the anti-me in some aspects. (And not anything like me in many other ways, but I won't discuss those.) She lives in the Twin Cities, where I am hoping to reside in in the near future, and thinks about moving back out East, where she is originally from.

Okay, it was a cooler story in my head.

Uh, yeah. I've got sort of a dilemna at work. I was just typing up some address labels and I noticed that the OA is doing some work that isn't very work-related. In fact, it's a part-time research job that she is supposed to be doing while she is not working for the library. And it looks very much like she is working on organizing it to mail out at her desk. Now, I know she is not doing it on her breaks or lunch hour because an ex-librarian friend of hers showed up and they went out for lunch. And I'm assuming that while the ex-librarian was here, she wasn't getting too much done. Y'know, they're friends and all...

I doubt I'll do anything about it, mostly because I would feel vaguely guilty because I do stuff like write in my blog. But at least I'm not getting paid double for the time I steal from the library! Ha!

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