Thursday, April 22, 2004

Just a quick update.

Tonight is the end of dog sitting. Yay! Although, I actually slept very well last night. I did wake up earlier than I wanted to -- just 15 minutes but today I did not have the feelings of extreme tiredness that plagued me the last few days. I like Nick, but he's sooo big. Cute and fluffy, but I definitely would not want a dog that big. I also have decided that I must get a dog that does not bark a lot. I guess I've been spoiled with Daisy -- she only really barks if you make her.

Work is busy. With one of our full-time librarians out on family leave, I'm definitely feeling the pinch. More desk hours is usually good, but lately it's just been hard to keep up with the questions I get on a daily basis, not to mention the additional Questionpoint/email stuff. Plus there's the problem of my presentation in like five weeks.

But I've got my vacation coming up -- and as a special bonus! -- I get a three day weekend over Memorial Day. Score! I didn't even ask for it. I'm excited. No plans, but now I can make some.

Yeah, so it's dead in the department now. I've decided that my reference questions will not suffer if they wait until Saturday to be mailed out/answered, and that I need to get my shit together about this stupid presentation. I've got a book -- Spies and Spymasters of the Civil War by Donald A. Markle -- that I am going to skim and find (hopefully) some names of Maryland spies, both male and female. I will get this presentation done with a minimum of stuff being taken home!

Tonight I wish I had cable. I don't have to work tonight and TCM is having a Judy Garland fest tonight. She's the April star of the month. Lots of good movies tonight -- Harvey Girls, The Pirate, Summer Stock, The Good Old Summertime...ah, these are the days when I want cable. But honestly, after having it Monday through Wednesday night, I realized that there isn't really anything on cable that's good either. I either ended up watching TLC's What Not To Wear or City Confidential on A&E. (I'm a sucker for A&E's true crime shows.) So not paying $40 a month is really a good thing. Or perhaps I've just become more discriminating after being spoiled by my parent's dish. Can't go wrong with BBC America!

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