Saturday, March 20, 2004

Apparently I don't like posting here.

Well, today I will rectify this!

What is new with me? I am still working at the library in Maryland and actually (secretly) enjoying the warmer weather we are having here. I am still (secretly) plotting to move far, far away from here, and back to the Midwest where I belong. My trade as a librarian is mostly in Maryland history, so I have learned a lot related to Maryland since moving here. History, genealogy, legal, and neighborhoods. My archenemy is really Baltimore neighborhoods. I don't know so much about them! Geography, racial composition, etc. Geography is what kills me really. And mostly it's because I don't care. There, I've said it. I. Don't. Care. Honestly, I move here from out of state and I am supposed to care about Maryland? I think not. I'm rooting for the Badgers over the Terps!

I am also sick. (Which perhaps explains my odd train of thought.) I have some kind of a head cold, and it makes me very hungry and very tired. I have not been following my diet lately, mostly due to the fact that I was eating out, and I haven't exercised all week! Yesterday I had off, and I basically ate, slept, and watched movies. All day. I didn't do a productive thing at all. The dirty dishes piled up in my sink is testament to that! I am done with work in an hour and a half, and I will go home and sleep! I am so excited to curl up on my couch with my nice warm quilt and not have to listen to questions, questions, questions. And it's all stupid genealogy. Honestly, I don't mind genealogy that much....but when people feel the need to tell me their entire family history......argh! I just want to whack them upside the head. I don't care!

Yeah, so that's it.

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