Friday, January 02, 2004

I've had off on New Year's Day (city holiday) and today, so I have been trying to get my apartment clean for when my sister comes next week. However, I did find something to keep me busy from cleaning. For some reason, I felt like getting out my old Remember WENN tapes and watching them. So I have already the entire third season and fourth season, half of the first season and I'm working on season two as I type. I've seen Betty be kissed by not only Victor but Scott too, and found out that "The Sunset Also Rises" is hilarious. Seriously folks, I cracked up rewatching that episode. And none of the other ones did that for me. It's such a different tone -- but it works! "I'm ready for my long shot." Hee!

Yes. And if you've never heard of Remember WENN -- you're not alone. When I was a rabid fan, I felt like I almost had to apologize to people when I told them about it. I don't know a single other fan in real life. Well, except Rita, who went to school at UW-RF -- but she doesn't count, because I met her online first. But it's a TV show set in the 1940s before WWII in a radio station (hence the "WENN"). It's cute and funny and entertaining on multiple levels. I was an obsessed fan, which probably got me through my last year of high school and the summer before I started college. The excitement of chatting about episodes with other people, reading millions of news group posts and list-serv messages -- ah, what excitement! (Although now, not so much....perhaps I have gotten a life.)

But now that I haven't seen the show in a looooooooooooooooooooong time (it's been probably around 3 or 4 years since I watched an episode) I'm beginning to appreciate it again. What I think would be funny -- although some of the fans probably would disagree -- would be to recap the episodes a la Television Without Pity. For example, when Betty says to Scott -- "I thought Victor saw something in you. But you were just a guy in a bar." No, Betty, he wasn't. He was just a guy in a pub. Get the English lingo right!

Okay, enough about that.

Work is good. I had off the past two days (hence the WENN marathon) and have been enjoying the excitement of two days off in a row. And now I'll get to work two days on in a row, plus all of next week. Yay.

Right-o. I'm going to do other, more productive things online. Tootles.

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