Thursday, December 18, 2003

I can't decide if I should be annoyed or not.

You see, there's this woman in my department who works part-time and is a library associate. She does much the same thing that I do, except that she doesn't have the MLIS (or MLS). But she calls herself a librarian. And it really annoys me. Because she doesn't really seem to understand that a librarian is really more than just doing reference work!

I hate to be annoyed (which annoys me even more) because I know there is that whole debate about para-professional versus professional librarians. I know. Heck, I was there! I worked as a part-time interlibrary loan assistant -- but I would never have called myself an interlibrary loan librarian.

To be annoyed or not to be annoyed? I think I will choose to be annoyed. After all, I didn't just spend a year taking classes on libraries to have everyone and their mother who works at a library be called a librarian.

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