Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Damn. I didn't realize that I tend to post until Wednesday nights when I'm working.

Well, that's that. More posting must be done while I am working on other days! And now that AOL has extended my free trial of their product until MARCH, I should be bloggity-blog-blogging from home too. Guess it's just a matter of motivation.

Well, I just about finished wrapping all my presents last night and this morning. Pretty darn exciting. I can't believe Christmas is only eight days away. Crazy. And I'll be HOME in Wisconsin in a week! How wonderful is that.

I've decided that I don't like Maryland weather. It's stupid, and can't seem to stay consistently warmer or colder. Today it was freakin' warm for December -- like high 40s or maybe even 50 degrees out. And then tonight -- it's probably around 20 degrees. And I, of course, decided that I would wear my fall jacket. What a moron am I.

Okay, anything exciting going on? Not much. I'm busy at work, finding stupid genealogical stuff for people. And then of course, they feel the need to tell me all about their family. I'm not against finding information on people's families -- after all, that's what I get paid to do, but seriously: I do not need to hear their family tree. Or stories. Or anything! I don't care!

And of course there are always the legal questions. No one likes them. And I feel as though I should learn more about legal stuff so that I know what to do. So I guess I'll have to actually read this book. One of my professors from UWM wrote it, and he was pretty cool. Although, I might add, he loved, loved, loved to use stupid acronyms as real words. USCAN. COMAR. I can't even remember them all. I guess taking government documents was a good idea, but I think it would still be a good thing for me to get some continuing education in.'s so boring! I guess I'll just have to suck it up.

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