Wednesday, December 10, 2003


Yeah, working until 8 pm isn't fun. Especially when things are super slow, and you have to amuse yourself online. I mean, I can do it for several hours contentedly, but an entire afternoon?

Anyway, I learned some more about doing geneaology in Maryland -- stuff I probably could have thought of myself, but sometimes it is easier to ask someone else. And it's more difficult for me because I honestly don't know the geographic areas of Maryland and/or Baltimore. (Honestly, I don't know that I would do any better in Wisconsin either! I've never been a geographically minded person.) And everything here seems to be so neighborhood and area related.

I've got plans for the weekend -- I can't believe that I'll be busy every single night this weekend. Kind of surprising, but in a good way. Let's see -- Christmas Tree Lighting in Little Italy and a Christmas singing party on Friday, girl's night out with the fellow librarians on Saturday, and then a trip to 34th Street to see the Hampden Christmas lights with my church's young adult group. Good times, good times.

I'm sad because my apartment does not allow dogs. I really really really wanted to get a chihuahua. There was a really super cute one available in Maryland. And my mom saw this really cute puppy on TV in Wisconsin. Sad. No puppy for me. But maybe if I can find an apartment that allows them, I can move in October 2004.

That is all.

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