Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vacation is nigh! Huzzah! It has been such a long week at work, primarily due to tight staffing, that I cannot wait until the end of the day on Friday.

Tonight is our last day to run silly errands -- we're looking for new backpacks at Eddie Bauer which was having a sale last Friday. I hope it's still going on -- $20 off each backpack is pretty good! I don't really need anything else, and I am hoping to do some shopping with Mom and Jenny while in Wisconsin.

It seems like such a long time since we were last on vacation, although it was just in July that we went camping. I guess since this will be an extended vacation -- 12 days -- it feels extra special. And I'll get to go the fair, a Brewer's game, Door County, and Chicago. We've got a pretty packed schedule planned for Chicago -- seeing the Art Institute and the Field Museum, going to Fronterra Grill for a fancy dinner, eating deep dish pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs, riding the ferris wheel at Navy Pier, and seeing "No Country for Old Men" at The Second City. Should be awesome and jam-packed!

Jenny will also be in Wisconsin for the first few days of our vacation. Initially she wasn't sure if she would be able to stay in Plymouth that long after getting back from Ireland, but I guess it will work out. So the whole Immich family and us Sullivans will hang out and do something next Monday. I assume it will also include a birthday celebration for Jenny -- her birthday is August 28.

Can't wait! I hope to also have some fun pics to share, either here or on Facebook.


Rabbi Isaac Goldstein said...

You should post them here, because I deleted my Facebook account. Because Facebook is forbidden by the Torah, or because I think it's stupid, I forget which.

Anonymous said...