Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sorry about the radio silence on this end. It's been a busy June/early July. I've been discerning, y'know.

The Fourth of July was yesterday! I went to D.C. with Trip to stay with his friend Adam. We walked and walked and walked. And ate Bhutanese food (tasty dumplings!) and Texas ribs. The Texas coleslaw and beans were probably the highlight of the food for me. So yummy. But the Texas entree came with a piece of white extra-thick bread. It would've been super tasty as a piece of Texas toast, but I guess it's too difficult to make toast for a giant crowd of people.

I saw the fireworks behind the Washington monument -- a pretty cool experience. We didn't see any of the concerts on the Mall -- no Huey Lewis or Jerry Lee Lewis for me. (Apparently it was a Lewis-apooza!) The rain kept the crowds fairly small, so it was a great experience. We bought ponchos at K Mart before heading to D.C. -- patriotic ones in navy blue and red!

So it was a good Fourth of July. But now I am at work, attempting to do stuff and not doing so well. It's hard to come back after a two-day weekend for one day...and Saturdays are never fun at work any way! I just hope that it will be a quiet day that passes by quickly.

As for things on the discernment front...not so sure about what I'll be doing. I am trying to talk to a variety of people to hear how they discerned their call. I am beginning to think that perhaps I should become a diaconal minister rather than a seems like less of my call to be a parish pastor and perhaps more of a person who works at the intersection of the world and the church. Sounds more fun too! Ha.

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