Sunday, July 27, 2008

I have found a new Baltimore delicacy that is so delicious I must share my love of it. Marshmallow donuts. Yes, donuts stuffed with a delicious marshmallow creme that isn't too marshmallow-y or too sweet and then covered with powdered sugar or chocolate icing. I had heard about them at a local bakery that recently closed, but I found them last weekend at the Mars grocery store that is very close to our apartment. They taste like heaven, but only sweeter and with more marshmallow goodness.

I finally saw Iron Man at the budget theater. I couldn't believe that a matinee only cost $3 there! I couldn't even see a single movie at a regular movie theater for what it cost both of us to go this afternoon. Madness!

I liked the movie. It was really quite good, primarily because of Robert Downey Jr. Did anyone else find that Gwyneth Paltrow reminded them of Kirsten Dunst? I think it might've been the red hair, but seriously, it was weird!

I also ended up going off on a rant about comic book movies and how Hollywood is so obsessed with getting teenage boys into see movies that we end up with four semi-good comic book movies this summer. I've only seen two so far -- Iron Man and The Hulk. But the thing that steams me up is that the female characters are practically useless -- this is true of Spiderman, Hulk, Batman (I can't speak for the new one yet), Iron Man, etc. They exist in the movies to either help out their superhero or serve as the girlfriend/damsel in distress. Why can't the women be the ones who save the day? It's ridiculous.

I am also stunned by how Hollywood and/or "the media" is stunned by how well some "women's movies" such as Sex and the City can also make a load of cash. Hello, it was based on a amazingly popular TV show that just about everyone and their mother has seen. Of course they are going to go see the (silly) movie version! Can't it just be seen as an indication that women would like to see movies with characters like themselves and perhaps not just superhero sidekicks/girlfriends?

Well, enough media critique. It's getting too intellectual in here for me.

I finished reading a fantastic young adult book today -- The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks. I guess that's where part of my feminist rant is coming from -- it's about a girl at a very exclusive boarding school and how she infiltrates the all-boy's secret society and ends up making them do pranks. They don't realize that they are taking direction from a girl though -- and it ends up being a pretty commentary on power and women. And the author (E. Lockhart, who has written some pretty fantastic YA fiction) has a great bibliography of sources I want to check out. Best of all, she credits Michel Foucault's Discipline and Punish: The Birth of Prison! (Side note: I had a literary criticism prof in college who loved Foucault. To be honest, I never really got him, but recognize his name as a serious lit crit guy and am impressed when people mention him.) She does say that it is very, very loosely based on interpretation of Foucault's work, but still, to throw him into the mix of a YA book is pretty awesome in my book.

Anyway, I am also taking a very quick break from working on my resume. There's a position that has opened up at the library which I am kind of interested in possibly doing. It'd be a lateral move, but I figured it might be worthwhile to apply and try something I'd like better. Plus Trip and my Mom both told me I had to apply. Yay, job apps.

Discernment is still continuing, despite possible job moves. I am leaning closer to at least going part-time next fall, but I need to sit down and do some serious thinking and also set up meetings with people who do what I think I might want to do. I am hoping that I can visit a few of the seminaries this fall -- definitely Philadelphia and Gettysburg, but hopefully Luther (St. Paul!) too.

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