Thursday, December 13, 2007

Argh...I know I should be recounting the wedding, but right now (six weeks later), it seems kind of far away. However, we are getting the tapes put on VHS (and later, at some point, on DVD), so I think I'll take a break from wedding recounting to just write.

My other thought on the reason for waiting is that I should be getting a laptop soon! I ordered it shortly after Thanksgiving and will be getting it sometime next week. Yeah, that's a long time, isn't it? Turns out DHL lost it after attempting delivery at our house twice! So this time it is going to Trip's work where it should be successfully signed and delivered! Let's hope so.

My Christmas planning has been going pretty well. I made a bunch of cookies last week Thursday, but I've still got a few more planned for this weekend. I am hoping to get some paper bags to make the raspberry-chocolate chip meringue cookies. And Trip wants me to make these chocolate-covered peanut butter candies. I also bought some candied ginger yesterday and am thinking about making some shortbread or sugar cookie with pieces of chopped-up candied ginger in it -- would that be tasty with chocolate drizzled on top? I think it might...

After the wedding, things have been pretty crazy. It is only lately that we feel like the apartment is coming together -- still lots of boxes in our spare bedroom, but the living room actually looks pretty clean! The big plans for this weekend include: weatherizing the windows and hanging up some art. But that's not all -- we're helping Trip's old roommate move, going to a Christmas party Friday night, and attending Avenue Q on Sunday night! Yikes, what else is there time for?

I may also post my Christmas list for this year later -- it's not perhaps as exciting as it has been in years past, but it seems like as you get older, the gifts get harder to pick out. Plus, there was that whole wedding where I got like ALL the kitchen supplies our tiny cupboards can handle! Someone bought us silpat baking sheets, but hasn't given them to us yet. They would be super helpful for making cookies this year, but I am hoping to get them before next Christmas. (I know there are a few people who have bought us wedding presents, but haven't gotten around to giving them yet. Or maybe they just want to keep them for themselves? Who knows!)

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