Monday, December 03, 2007's fall! And cold! But you're not interested in my thoughts on the weather. No, it's time to recount the wedding!

I'll start with Wednesday of the wedding week. The family showed up that evening and I made them pizza for dinner. Mom and Dad got to use the big bed and (unfortunately) Jenny had to sleep on the inflatable bed...which had a leak in it. But we hung out and relaxed a little. Having the family around was really good -- I wasn't as worried about things. Keep Mom busy with housework and/or wedding items was tricky, but I think she managed to stay busy enough!

Thursday Mom, Jenny, and I went to get our nails done at the mall in Towson. I got a really pretty pale pink which surprisingly didn't chip! I did smudge it a little, but it still looked good. We also got a cute top for Jenny at H&M and tried to find bra options for me.

After stopping at the mall, we went to Joann's Fabric to get a little something for decorating the pews. Mom picked out a very pretty looking mini-wreath. It was actually a roll of garland, but looked like a tiny wreath of fall leaves! We got some ribbon to attach it to the pews and were all set with the church decorations! Much easier than I was anticipating!

Trip and Dad went to pick up their tuxes on Thursday. Trip's pants ended up being super short so they spent a bunch of extra time hanging out at the mall waiting for them to be fixed. After picking up the garmet bags, Trip realized just as he was leaving the mall that his bag seemed pretty light. The pants were still at the store, being pressed! But he got the pants and had the whole outfit for Saturday.

Mid-afternoon on Thursday we headed up to Delaware for the two families to meet each other. Papa Jack or Gramps, Trip's 97-year-old grandfather, was there too and he told the story of how he had taken a train to Neenah or Menasha, Wisconsin for a job interview many, many years ago. But he didn't take the job there -- he stayed in Delaware! Dinner was really good and it was nice for the two families to get to know each other.

We headed back to Maryland after having apple pie and coffee. It was a rainy night and I was getting tired.

I'll continue with Friday's fun and the big event on Saturday soon. With pictures!!

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