Friday, October 19, 2007

The silly picture of me is gone. How sad.

I am excited -- Saturday is my last day at work for a while! Huzzah! No working! Oh wait, that means I have stuff to do like baking cookies and cleaning and tying ribbons on favors.

Today is my day off this week, which means all kinds of awesome things are happening. First, I woke up insanely early (6 am) and couldn't really fall asleep. Now I am planning to run this morning, maybe around 8 am, laze about for a bit, finish putting the bulletins together, and then I get to go for a European facial at 12:30 pm! I've never had a facial before, and I think it'll be fun to get one done before the wedding. So I'll have clean and clear pores for my special day.

Since I will not see most of the people that I work with until after the wedding, I got two really awesome cards yesterday from my department and all the managers. It was really sweet and unexpected! My boss said he wished he'd coordinated things between the two groups better -- he would've liked to have given us a gift card for Target so we could buy a Wii! And that would've been a sweet gift, if you could manage to find one at the store.


Rabbi Isaac Ghostein said...

I am sorry that you became so angry with me that you deleted my comment. I did not mean to make you angry at me. I will try to not make you angry in the future.

Rebecca said...

Hmph. I didn't delete any comments. Perhaps you didn't really write it to begin should check your Rabbi email....