Monday, August 06, 2007

My back is all painful and crispy today. I spent the day outside (11 hours!) on Saturday in the heat at the Virgin Festival at Pimlico. The Beastie Boys were AWESOME!!!!! And also deserving of many, many exclamation points. Totally the highlight of the day. I also saw Amy Winehouse, who was a total surprise in her kind of non-energy, Fountains of Wayne, fun but somehow I expected more, Incubus, good but I'm not a huge fan so I went to the bathroom and got food while they were playing, Ben Harper, excellent in a jam fashion, The Police, but only from a distance...but Sting had a lovely voice!, TV on the Radio, who I wish I had seen more of but I had to stay and watch the Beastie Boys finish their set, Modest Mouse, which was entertaining, and The Fratellis, who were okay but young. This year wasn't quite as much fun as last year, but to be honest, the Beastie Boys made it really worthwhile. They played some of their new instrumental stuff (fun live!) and lots of old stuff, including my favorites off of Hello Nasty (Body Moving and Intergalactic) and to end it all, Sabotage, one of my favorite songs! I also resisted the urge to buy a shirt -- and managed to not spend a ton of money. The most was spent on water and Gatorade.

The rest of the weekend was fairly low key. Trip and I went to the mall where I finally found a sundress for the summer! It was a little more than I wanted to pay, but I have been searching for this dress since MAY! That's practically three months of searching! Plus I got a really pretty grass green cardigan at Nordstrom Rack to match it -- and I'll totally wear the cardigan all the time.

I've got another 5K coming up next Sunday. My friend Angela and I are doing the 5K out at Boordy's vineyard. It should be interesting -- apparently it's a cross-country-ish race, which means hills and grass. I'm a little worried -- I've been running, but not perhaps cross-country prep. I do hills, but I hope the hills we have to run aren't terrible. I'm sure we'll finish, but it'll probably be a little bit slower than our usual time! Oh well, it'll be fun. And I think it'll be the last 5K I do for a while, maybe until Thanksgiving.

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